Barber using Wahl Finale finishing toolBarber using Wahl Finale finishing tool

The Ultimate Guide to Using the Wahl Finale:

1. Use the Single Blade on Small, Intricate Areas:

The Wahl Finale is a versatile shaver that can be used in a number of ways. Generally speaking, the most common way to use the Wahl Finale is to smooth out edges around and beneath the hairline, particularly after you’ve finished blending. Despite being a dual blade shaver, it is recommended to use the single blade on small, intricate areas around the ear and the temple.

2. Use the Dual Blade for Larger Surface Areas:

For larger surface areas – such as the back of the neck – it is recommended you use the dual blade for the best results. As the Wahl Finale gives you a real close cut down to 0.1mm, it won’t cut on long hair, so you will need to make sure your client’s hair is sufficiently short before using it.

3. Use Light Paint Brush Motions to Achieve a Close Cut

Since the Wahl Finale has ultra-thin foils, you’ve got to be very careful not to press too hard. If you push too hard, there is a risk that the foils will break. To avoid this, use your thumb to stretch out the surface of the skin and use gentle paint brush motions to very lightly push onto the skin.

4.Use Blade Oil & Hygienic Spray to Keep It Clean

Always make sure the shaver is clean before each use. To clean it, release the foil head from the shaver body and use a preshave brush to clean out loose hair clippings with a light touch from the cutter bars. Next, use Hygienic Clipper Spray to disinfect the foils and cutter bars and lightly apply blade oil to them every 2-3 days.