Golden retriever being washed with Wahl pet shampooGolden retriever being washed with Wahl pet shampoo

Professional Pet Grooming Tips: How to improve the life span of your clippers

Dogs don’t need to be washed very often, as too much washing can be harmful to their skin and coat. However, every so often it’s good to bathe your dog to refresh their coat and remove any dirt. Especially if they are prone to getting muddy! Washing a dog at home can be simple if you have a good routine in place. Here’s what we recommend for a good bathing routine.

Choosing your tools

This could be going on their favourite walk or a good, long playtime with them. You could also do some training with them or teach them a new trick. It’s always good to ensure your pet is kept active and their minds engaged. 

Blade maintenance

A perfect maintenance routine should always start with keeping your blades well lubricated. Not only will this improve the efficiency when cutting, but it will keep them sharper for longer. We recommend applying Blade Oil at the start of each day. If your clipper is getting a lot of use, you could also apply throughout the day. Find out how to apply Blade Oil here. 

At the end of a busy day, it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean your blades. First by removing any hair with a brush and then applying a spray of Blade Ice. This will blast out any hidden dirt and debris from under the blade. To disinfect the blade, spray with Clipper Hygiene Spray. As a final step, apply a few drops of blade oil to replenish the lubrication and help to resist corrosion. 


Storing your tools

Your tools stand a better chance of lasting longer if you store them safely after each use. Try to avoid any chance that your clipper or trimmer will roll off the table by keeping them on a rubberised Tool Mat. This provides a grippy surface to lay your tools on whilst your using them and it will prevent any bumps and scratches. After you’ve finished using your tools, keep everything together neatly in a Tool Carry. This will ensure you don’t lose any components or accessories and it’s ideal if you ever need to transport your toolkit.