Golden retriever being washed with Wahl pet shampooGolden retriever being washed with Wahl pet shampoo

How To Choose The Right Pet Clipper

Our guide on how to choose the right pet clipper.

Depending on your pet’s coat type, they may need to be clipped or trimmed to manage the growth and keep them comfortable. You might find it easier and more convenient to clip your pet’s coat yourself in the comfort of your own home. Particularly if your pet needs frequent grooming or is nervous going to other places like a grooming salon. There are a range of products to choose from when it comes to clipping, so we have assembled a guide on how to choose the right clipper for your pet.

Before you make the decision to clip or trim your pet at home, it’s important that you understand the needs of their coat type.


Clipper or trimmer?

The size of the tool you need will depend on the size of your pet and the area that you are looking to trim. For small animals and smaller areas, such as the paws and face, you will be able to use a trimmer. They are compact tools with thinner blades to enable you to clip intricate areas easily. If you need to cover a larger surface area, you are better off using a pet clipper. The wider blade will make it quicker for you as well as being better for thicker and longer hair. If you are planning to do a complete clip on your pet, you may need both a trimmer and clipper to cover all of the areas.


Adjustable or one length?

It’s essential that you check that the blade on the clipper or trimmer is suitable for the coat type and area you’re grooming. Our range of clippers come with a handy guide that will help you understand if the clipper is suitable. Some of the clippers will have an adjustable blade, that is adjusted via a taper lever on the side of the clipper. This gives you multiple cutting lengths using just the blade. Otherwise, the blade will have just one length.

Snap on/off or fixed?

Snap on/off blades are easily removable to help with cleaning or changing the blade, whereas a fixed blade is screwed to the clipper itself. They can still be removed for cleaning and maintenance, but you’ll need to carefully follow the instructions to do this.


Corded or cordless?

This can be down your preference; however, you should consider how much power you will need to do the full groom. For instance, a full clip on a large animal with a thick coat is going to take longer. Therefore, you might be better to opt for a corded clipper in that instance. If you think your pet might be nervous around a clipper, find one that says ‘low noise & vibration’ as this means it will be quieter and more comfortable for your pet.


Attachment combs or no attachment combs?

Most of our clipper and trimmer kits come with additional attachment combs which increase the cutting length of the blade. If you need a variety of different lengths, you should look for a kit that comes with multiple combs. However, if your preferred clipper doesn’t contain the combs you need, they can usually be purchased separately depending on the blade type.