Kervin Hiew, Malaysia

Kervin started cutting hair at the age of 17. Having been in the industry for more than 16 years, he has also been featured in various magazines such as H4umfe and Breeze Magazines. Based in Malaysia, a multi-cultural country, Kervin blends into multiple styles. His expertise is in fundamental and he is able to give insights on various barbering techniques. His passion has inspired many youngsters and aspiring barbers to the industry. With a positive mindset and down to earth nature, he has gain immense popularity amongst barbers and hairdressers.

Iman Taufiq Djayadiningrat, Indonesia

Iman Taufiq started cutting hair at the age of 14. With 16 years of cutting experience under his belt, he is known for advocating knowledge on various hairstyles in Indonesia, mainly for his taper and fade cut. He was a coach on an Indonesian TV haircut competition called The Cuts Indonesia. Iman’s passion in barbering was a key factor in uplifting the image of barbers in Indonesia through constantly spreading insights and knowledge about the barbering industry. His friendly and approachable nature makes him popular with both barbers and hairdressers alike.

Yanto Sani, Singapore

Yanto Sani joined the hairdressing school in 1999 and his love for haircutting soon started to incline towards men barbering. With tremendous support from his clients, he established his own barbershop in 2014. With the knowledge gained throughout the years, Yanto Sani have travelled to many European & Asia countries to share his invaluable experiences in the barbering scene. He is the Champion for Barber Battle Convention In Russia and undeniably, classic haircuts and modern contemporary are his expertise. He is also very generous in sharing every information that he had encountered during his barbering journey which creates a motivational factor for many Barbers around the world to have him as their speaker and a role model.

Nguyễn Khắc Ly, Vietnam

Nguyen Khac Ly started his career in the barbering industry at the age of 22. His passion in barbering has helped the next generation of passionate barbers to forge a path in the barbering industry. He is actively involved in mentoring and teaching young Vietnamese barbers, widely known for his strength in hair tattoo and fade. Being a true art lover, he was charming in his job of being a skillful hair tattoo artist. With enthusiasm and dedication, he has garnered the likes of many in the barbering scene.

Nizam Mukhtar, Malaysia

Nizam Mukhtar has been in the barbering industry for almost 20 years. He has actively contributed to the growth of barbering industry in Malaysia such as organizing the very 1st barber battle in Malaysia in 2015 in collaboration with Malaysia’s tourism industry, judging for the Judge battle of skill at Ministry of Youth and Sport 2016 as well as Chief Judge International mastery award barber battle at beauty expo 2017 & Advisor for beauty expo barber battle in 2018 & 2019. He is passionate in sharing knowledge to those who have the passion for barbering. Teaching more than a thousand new barbers since 2018, many of them have now achieved a lot in the barber industry. His simple and friendly personality has helped him to make a lot of friends from clients to new barbers.

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