wahl blade care productswahl blade care products

Back To Work Essentials For Barbers & Hairdressers: 

Maintenance and Hygiene

Wahl Blade IceWahl Blade Ice

Blade Ice

A staple product for all busy barbershops and salons. Blade Ice can be used during the cut to keep your blades cool. Alongside the cooling effect, Blade Ice also helps to lubricate the blade and clean away dirt and debris. The result is reduced friction, less heat and blade wear without a heavy residue of oil. Of course, you’ll still need to apply disinfecting products for a thorough clean and Blade Oil for proper lubrication.

Wahl Clipper Blades being oiledWahl Clipper Blades being oiled

Blade Oil

Use Blade Oil on your blades regularly to maintain their cutting precision. We recommend oiling at the start and end of each day. When you’re using additional cleaning products, it’s a good idea to re-apply oil as the final step as you may have lost some of the lubrication in the cleaning process. Keeping your blades well lubricated will ultimately keep them going for longer, so you won’t need to replace them as frequently.